The strategy.

We’re a clever lot here at Ello. When we put our heads together, what we come up with doesn’t disappoint. And when we used our in-house tech to create Vue Pass, we proved this even further.

As briefed, we become the manager of Vue Entertainment’s employee benefits, rewards, and bulk ticket sales. We made purchasing discounted e-codes a breeze, so now thousands of people can catch the latest flicks at Vue cinemas for less.

How did we do it?  We launched a new and improved, easy-to-use, e-commerce platform that met the mobile-first, multi-channel buying habits of today.

Movie image of a female superhero
Purchased Vue Pass ticket on mobile device
Vue Pass account welcome back screen on a mobile device

 The result.

We delivered what was expected, and then some. Here’s what our COO had to say…

“We delivered an in-house cinema platform on time and on budget to enhance the customer experience, delivery, and data capture. We're never happy to simply deliver minimum client requirements, that's why we've continued to improve features on the platform in response to our learnings and market trends. This, combined with a powerful marketing and engagement strategy, has proved successful as sales continue to grow month after month, outperforming what was expected.”

Michael Kalli, Chief Commercial Officer at Ello.

What our clients say.

It’s one thing for us to toot our own horn. But it means the world to us when our clients do. Here’s what they have to say…

“Ello have changed the game for bulk ticket sales with their innovative approach. We now have an optimised platform which allows for easy integration with corporate partners to deliver seamless consumer loyalty programmes. We really enjoy working with them and so far, the increase seen in revenue is notable. We’re excited to see where the next chapter will take us!”

Shivali Ramanandi, Media and Partnerships Manager at Vue Entertainment.

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