The strategy.

Towergate opted to use Flexible Benefits Provider, Benefex to offer our core dining memberships as part of their employee experience and reward programme.

Due to the sheer volume of their employees and varied demographic throughout their 100 locations, we thought it’d be best to offer 12-month memberships to both tastecard and Gourmet Society. With thousands of restaurants across the UK serving 2 for 1 meals, 50% off food, or 25% off the total bill, it was the most logical way to spoil their employees with dining savings and so much more.

 The result.

We delivered what was expected and more. Here's a few words from our Towergate account manager…

"Implemented as part of their overall flexible benefits launch, we offered memberships to both tastecard and Gourmet Society, with Towergate employees able to select up to three memberships of each brand to pass the brilliant savings to friends and family. We attended the employee benefits roadshow at Towergate to help promote our dining membership perks. I was really pleased with how the implementation went and how Towergate employees responded to our dining card benefit."

Matthew Padfield, Towergate Account Manager at Ello & Reward Consultant at Towergate.

What our clients say.

There's no better feeling than getting positive feedback from our clients, so it means a lot when we hear words like these...

"We were very pleased with the dining card uptake in our annual benefits window. Our employees value the option of an 'always-on' benefit that they can enjoy with their friends and family throughout the year. 11% of our employees have selected this benefit already, and Matt continues to offer promotional marketing and communication support for our monthly selection windows. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend including Ello as part of your flexible benefits scheme."

Reward Consultant at Towergate.

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